Why Is Everyone Talking About Yuzu Emulator?

Two in one, fast and easy to use despite its functionality, these terms best describe the Yuzu Emulator which is an emulation platform not just for the Nintendo but also for the Gamecube!

In terms of usability, ease of use, and installation Yuzu gets a perfect score. You simply need to download the emulator, extract the file to your desired location then launch the application. There is no need for any extra files, keys, or cores for this emulator to run both Wii and Gamecube games. If ever you do encounter issues with installation the Yuzu Emulator website has a great FAQs section that includes installation errors and their quick and easy fixes. 

Next is game compatibility, when it comes to modern consoles and games, emulation can be quite demanding and you will more often than not need fairly powerful hardware to play games seamlessly. However, Yuzu Emulator only needs a dual-core CPU, this is because this emulator only needs two cores for emulation and there is no gain in performance beyond four cores. This is great since even entry-level laptops today despite the chip shortage have at least a 4 core CPU so performance will not be a problem when you have a mid-range desktop or laptop.

The low threshold for great emulation with Yuzu applies to both Wii and Gamecube games and almost all games in this emulator’s compatibility list are playable from start to end without any game-breaking bug, audio or graphical glitches, or performance issues. Games that only start and then freeze at some point may it be on boot, on the menus, or during gameplay only account for only 2.3% of all games listed on the compatibility list!

As for the user interface, it is very similar to Yuzu, once you open the emulator you can immediately start locating your Wii and Gamecube games you have stored on your device’s drive, load them and start playing without any hassle. And if you managed to retrieve and store your Wii game save files, this emulator lets you import said save files.

Speaking of save-files, Yuzu Emulator also has a save state feature which allows you to make a save state at any point in the game you’re playing and load said save state when you next play the game. 

Like other good emulators that understand that users may not have invested in a controller just yet, Yuzu lets you use your keyboard and mouse to play games and allows you to configure the controls such as changing keybindings and calibrating the control sticks. 

If you want to replay Super Mario Galaxy, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword or Metroid 3 among other great Wii games or Luigi’s Mansion and SuperSmash Bros for Gamecube, this emulator is surely the easiest to use and the best choice. 

With all of that, there is certainly almost no headache when using the Yuzu Emulator however this does not stop the development team from constantly fixing bugs or issues no matter how minor it is or to continually improving the performance, usability, and features of this great easy-to-use emulator.