Pinegrow: A Simple And Easy-To-Use HTML Editor

Some web design programs are built for a variety of user skill levels, Pinegrow is not. Pinegrow is a website builder that is designed with professionals in mind. It has support for Bootstrap, Tailwind, CSS, and WordPress. It also assumes the user knows how to code and is familiar with professional tools.

Pinegrow has some unique features like its “Repeater” tool that inserts multiple elements and can change layouts all in one move. The CSS Grid editor is a development tool that gives designers the ability to make active rules, visual controls, shadows, inline styles, SASS edits, and even edit CSS Grids. Pinegrow creates streamlined sites with a lot of interaction and possibilities for animation and more UI than other web builders.

It too has a feature that allows the user to view the design on various devices simultaneously. Pinegrow has device presets for zoom and also allows for media queries within CSS coding. One cool feature is that you can have two pages visible and edit them both at the same time, for example, you can have the desktop version and the mobile version on the same screen and by changing one, the other automatically changes as well. This is a major time saver and a favorite feature for most users. Like other programs, you can create components in Pinegro Pro. It also allows you to update and create blocks of code to make the design consistent and repeatable.

If you are a WordPress user you will love the feature that allows you to make WordPress themes. This partnership allows for easy compatibility between the two programs for exporting and importing. There are over 200 WordPress actions that can be used in Pinegrow Pro. Tailwind CSS is a great tool for visual styling and Pinegrow is able to integrate flawlessly. Users can take advantage of Tailwind’s visual styling, pseudo variants, custom themes, even the libraries in Tailwind are accessible in Pinegrow.

In short, Pinegrow can build websites, illustrate a mock-up page with different variations, use CSS and customized code in real-time, provide a visual editor, provide templates, and also allow collaboration with others. When it comes to cost, Pinegrow offers a few different options. You can pay $99/year for Pinegrow Pro, pay a monthly subscription fee, or pay a one-time fee of $149 and get updates for 1 year.

The customer support for Pinegrow is not as abundant as it is for some older and more established web design programs, but they do have an FAQ section and a support link on their main website that allows you to connect with the company directly. Of course, there are other unofficial ways to learn and get support for this product, since it is used primarily by professionals there are fewer users to respond. This web design product is a great choice for someone who wants a clean and minimal design for complicated designs. The interface is basic, but the abilities of the interface are vast.