How to Use Restoro to Speed Up Your PC: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

If your computer performance has decreased and you started looking for PC cleaning and repair software to fix the issues, you must have come across the name Restoro on online forums and Google searches. It is a scan-and-fix software that repairs the system and removes malware from Windows devices featuring Windows XP and above. The software conducts a detailed system analysis, identifying all the issues that are decelerating your system and removing them so you can enjoy a robust, clutter-free device.

The scanning part of this cycle, which takes around 5 minutes, is free. In the end, you will get a complete diagnosis of your system, categorizing the issues in 3 sections: hardware, security, and stability.  

The hardware category pinpoints memory, hard disk, temperature, and CPU power problems. Security issues identify if there are any viruses, spyware, worms, trojan horses, or any other type of malware in the system. The stability category identifies the programs installed on your computer that crash frequently. This is as far as the free version of Restoro will take you. To fix these issues, you will have to get the paid licensed version, which starts at $29.95 and allows one-time use. 

Once you get the licensed version, you can start repairing your PC. If your device is tainted with malware, the restoring software will quarantine the device after disabling the malware. It will then replace all the DLLs, corrupted registry entries, and other infected files with healthy files from the software’s database, which is always kept up to date with Microsoft files. 

Similarly, if your PC has a lot of pop-ups and is infected with viruses, running Restoro in Safe Mode with Networking will assist you to fix these issues. Running the software in Safe Mode will increase its performance because the Safe Mode bypasses the programs running at Startup, enabling uninterrupted software access. 

Restoro’s interface is one of its outstanding features. The UI gives an organized and straightforward look, with all the available features displayed in a column on the left side, split into two categories: Analyzing and Fixing. The first category will show you all the stability and security issues present in the device, whereas the second category will display the tools available for fixing the listed issues, such as installing new files, stability checks, repairing damage, security checks, etc. 

In addition to showing all the problems found during the scan, Restoro will give you a global average by comparing your system to another one with the same specifications but functions smoothly. This will provide you with a rough estimate of how your PC should ideally perform. 

This PC cleaner can fix a lot of issues in your device; however, you shouldn’t expect it to fix everything. It can’t be used as a substitute for malware because those programs serve as the first line of defense against external attacks. Furthermore, Restoro cannot fix third-party tools, such as media players like iTunes and Winamp, web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, MS office apps, etc. The same goes for hardware issues. Even though Restoro can identify them, it can’t fix them because repairing them will require you to physically replace parts in your system.