Free Download Manager : The Ultimate Downloader

Perhaps the most well-rounded download manager we’ve listed here, Free Download Manager is packed with features, especially for a free tool. It is a compatible plug-in for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer and supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, and RTSP protocols. Compatible with macOS and Windows operating systems, Free Download Manager is widely viewed as one of the better download managers for Windows users, along with IDM, because it keeps functions basic but high performing. 

Major features of Free Download Manager are; support for multiple download streams with their ‘smart scheduler,’ which also allows scheduled downloads (as the name would suggest) and the pausing and resuming of downloads as required. Free Download Manager also boasts the title of being one of the leading download managers to introduce automatic refreshing of expired download links. Without this feature, users would receive a ‘Download session expired’ message, which means you have to commence the download all over again. 

Much like JDownloader, Free Download Manager offers excellent automation capabilities where it can find downloadable content on websites. What else happens automatically, which is a huge plus for Free Download Manager, is its built-in malware and file integrity scanning features. Both not only protect your device from virus attacks, but they will also ensure the file is genuine and, ultimately, of high quality, which is always better for the user. 

The Free Download Manager also has leading automatic and manual batch downloading capabilities as well as multipart download innovation to increase download speeds. Free Download Manager also automatically shuts down or sends your devices to sleep once all downloads are complete. And the aptly named ‘Video Sniffer’ feature is a general ‘media grabber’ tool that can download videos where a link is not present. 

As for the interface, Free Download Manager is particularly sleek and well-designed without being too complicated – it is easy to use, great for beginners and customizable. When compared to other download manager software, Free Download Manager has a very nice user interface. It feels modern, sleek and doesn’t seem to eat up your system resources. Another great feature of of Free Download Manager is how it automatically organizes download files into different categories, such as Media, Documents, Software and Compressed. This saves the hassle of organizing them on your own. 

You can silence notifications on their ‘Silent Mode,’ setting also known as ‘gamer mode,’ which is a little bit like ‘Do-Not-Disturb’ functions on computers or smartphones. Users can also change their interface and the themed color pallets. It is also supported in over 30 languages, and it will provide convenient integration with your browser.